Thursday 19th July 2007

They may have stayed away longer this year, but they certainly came back in force. There are now mole hills everywhere. In fact it looks like a building site out there. I am convinced they are digging up the swimming pool and about to carry it off somewhere. I could lie in wait and try to follow them later, but they do most of their removals work at night and I am not always at my most alert. I can honestly say that the solar mole deterrent has proved useless, even in the middle of the lawn where it is getting sun. To be honest it looks as though they are planning to carry that off as well. Maybe they use them in clan warfare!

Now I know that a first wedding anniversary is ‘paper’. I only know because my master and mistress told me. For presents, you start to think of all the useful things they could have bought for each other; a photograph of Alfie, a book, a picture, you know the sort of things. What are you supposed to do with a paperweight with s screwed up bit of paper in it? Not the obvious choice for normal people, but then I never said they were normal.

I have been hearing a lot about going to ‘the beach’ in the summer and now that the sun is shining, I think I would like to go. Apparently, there are a lot of beaches that do not allow dogs, which doesn’t seem very fair to me, but there you go. I also want to go to one where I don’t have to get my paws wet. I’m not sure I am quite ready for the feeling of getting wet. I am prepared to do ‘sand between my toes’ on condition that it is dry sand. I don’t want to get caught by any unsuspecting waves either.