Saturday 30th June 2007

You really wouldn’t believe the hassle my mistress has had sorting out my aunt’s estate. When she first had to ring everyone they were all very helpful and sympathetic, which was great. Then the bank made a bit of a mistake and sent a whole lot of cheques back to big organisations, instead of accepting them into her aunt’s account. So the whole process began all over again with my mistress having to contact organisations asking for cheques to be reissued. The problem is that their records don’t show that the cheques have come back to them, so they don’t believe my mistress. Then of course, there are the forms that have got lost in the post and the companies that keep you waiting for twenty minutes with a hollow voice telling you they are busy and then cut you off before you get through. Where is the logic in telling your customers that your busy days are ‘x’ and ‘y’ so why don’t they try ringing you on another day. Isn’t customer service about the company realising their busy days are ‘x’ and ‘y’ and so changing their staffing patterns so that they have enough people working on the days their customers want to contact them? Whoever said the customer was always right? I suppose at least they are working, which is more than could be said for catering staff in Belgium last week as my master turned up twice at Brussels airport in need of food, only to find there were no meals being serve. Don’t they realise he gets grumpy when he’s hungry and if you’ve seen my master grumpy, it is not a pretty sight! I’m wondering if I should try going on strike to demand better conditions. I could withdraw my willingness to be cuddled, unless I get a bigger biscuit ration.