Thursday 28th June 2007

Well my mistress has gone off to her writing conference without me. Of course I mind, as I am really the writer in the family, although my mistress has been doing more of her own stuff recently. It isn’t all bad as I get to stay with Spencer and Makensey for a few days and can play for as long as it takes before we both fall asleep. I suppose it isn’t surprising that I sleep for a whole day when I get back to my house at the end of one of these stays. My mistress is taking her little car to the garage for repair at the same time, after the ‘vegetable rack incident’. By the time I see it next it will look all shiny and new again. Well all shiny, it is hard for a nine year old car to look very new. I don’t want to be disloyal to the little old car, it will always be my favourite, but I am getting excited about the new one arriving now. It should be here in the next couple of weeks. It is just a question of how long it takes to sort out all its registration papers and insurance after that. The insurance seems very expensive here. It is a probably good that it won’t be parked in the garage, at least there is less risk of it hitting the vegetable rack, although if I am being honest, if you saw the poor vegetable rack, you would realise that it wouldn’t cope with being hit again and would probably just crumple completely. I’m waiting to see what my mistress says when my master asks to drive it for the first time. Will it just be ‘no’ or will she be more emphatic than that?