Thursday 14th June 2007

Well this family tree research is proving very revealing. At last we have found the explanation of why my master is so lazy. Now just before you think I am being mean to him again, he was the one that first used the description of himself. Anyway, it turns out that when you go back in history my mistress’s family had a lot of members that went into service. By the age of 15 they were servants. Not so my masters family. On his mother’s side they didn’t become servants, they had servants. My master now thinks he has the perfect excuse for doing nothing round the house. Unfortunately, my mistress has pointed out that this was only true on his mother’s side and that in fact there are servants on his father’s side of the family. But then she has also found ones that ended up in the workhouse so he really does need to be careful!

My mistress said that if she ever has to be down and out she thinks I would be the perfect dog to be down and out with her. I think it was meant as a compliment but to be honest it is not a prospect I would relish. You don’t see many down and out dog’s with a nice comfy bed to snuggle down in after all. She would be no good sleeping on a park bench anyway, she would complain it was too hard for her back and wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning. I hope it never comes to having to find out! I think if it did it would have to be somewhere in the country, I’m not much of a fan of cities and I know my mistress isn’t, I suppose they are often warmer with more shelter though. It makes you realise just how lucky you are when you start thinking about it.