Friday 6th April 2007

Whatever happened to the peace and quiet? A dog can’t even get a lie in without finding a five year old trying to join in. It was quite disconcerting to clamber up onto my master and mistress’s bed for an early morning cuddle to find my spot had already been taken. I know I am supposed to be willing to share in theory, but in practice, why exactly? I suppose having been reading one of my mistress’s books which expounds the value of ‘hugs’ I should have embraced the opportunity to hug everyone and share my love, but it was too early in the day and I just wanted my usual warm bit of bed. However, I am planning to put the hug thing into practice later as it strikes me the more hugs I get in return the better, particularly if they could just rub my chest as well. I thought I might start with the postman and see how he responds.

The first problem of the day, well second if you count not getting my spot in bed, is explaining to the children why it is not possible to use the swimming pool yet. Somehow, they had got it into their heads that it was going to be straight into the pool after breakfast. “The weather isn’t warm enough.” “No, but you can heat the pool.” “Do you have any idea how much it costs to heat the pool even in summer?” “No, but you can afford it.” “Would you like to donate your pocket money for the next thirty years to help cover it.” You know how the conversation goes. The whole donating pocket money equation never works because somehow they seem convinced it would be ok as my master and mistress would just give them extra money to compensate. My mistress usually starts asking if they have thought about getting part time jobs yet, which frankly for Andy, who is five, seems a bit harsh.