Tuesday 3rd April 2007

I have achieved my ultimate goal. I now have both my master and mistress fully trained in allowing me onto the bed and in rubbing my chest on command. To be fair there is some room for improvement, my master still throws me off the bed at night when he wants to get in, but I suppose I can’t have everything. There are famous dogs out there that have made their name for their heroic deeds and are regarded as ‘action dogs’. For me, Alfie Dog I pride myself on being ‘Inaction Dog’. I’m sure I could rescue people if I really had to but for the most part I am hoping that I won’t be called upon in that capacity. However, if you ever need an animal to roll over and have his tummy tickled, or to lie down and keep your feet warm, or to climb on top of you to keep the whole of you warm, then I’m your dog. I don’t know how this fits with my goal of becoming famous but I can’t see it doing me too much harm. Out there are thousands of people who like nothing better than to lounge around doing nothing. It seems appropriate that they should choose as their hero a dog that can relate to their lethargic state. I am seriously wondering about trying to sell signed photographs of myself on Ebay. People buy pictures of other famous characters so why not me? Andy has a photograph signed by the cast of the movie ‘Cars’ and they are animated. Apparently the voices are real people  but the point is much the same. If people pay to go and see Mickey Mouse who is just a cartoon character then why wouldn’t they buy signed photographs of a good looking dog like me. All you need is a willing buyer, prepared to be separated from his money and you’re away!