Monday 26th February 2007

Well I am all packed and ready. I’m starting to know this journey. I said to my mistress are we really going round the M25 on a Monday morning again. Couldn’t she plan our trips just a little better than that. She said I had a point but that it is not always as easy as that to pick when you travel. I think we have finished the last of the Terry Pratchett audio books that she had for Christmas, so unless she has been able to go and buy any more we may have to listen to the radio or resort to talking to each other. To be frank she does most of the talking, I take on my passive, faithful dog role and perch my head on the centre console so that I can appear interested without having to put any effort into it. I don’t mind listening to the radio in the afternoon. Peter Allen on Radio 5 has the same sort of sense of humour as me, but I don’t always get all the sports references.

I do seem to be sharing my journey with a number of characters from Camberwick Green that my mistress has had sent to her parents to reduce postage costs. Of course, it has finally happened. Her system broke down briefly and she has bought the same one twice. I suppose given that she bid on the second one whilst waiting for news on her aunt the other day, you might put the confusion down to stress rather than stupidity. Personally I prefer the stupidity theory. On the bright side it means that her mother is starting a collection of her own! The same was true when we had the Tomato Ketchup ocean, brought about by my mistress getting it into her head we were short on ketchup and forgetting to update her memory to the status of ‘purchased’ for several consecutive trips to the supermarket. On each occasion she came back with another bottle of ketchup!