Wednesday 14th February 2007

Happy Valentine’s day to me. To be fair to my mistress as well, it has all been a bit of a fiasco. Firstly my master got invited to a big dinner that means he has to go to London then he managed to leave the card and present he had bought for my mistress in England last weekend, just not the same bit of England he has to go to for the dinner. So I get to enjoy a happy valentine’s day snuggled up with my mistress, which to be honest is about the best that I could have hoped for. By contrast my mistress has got a card and present for my master but isn’t really in the mood for much in the way of jollity this week. I have received a present, although I don’t think it has got anything to do with the day itself. I have a new lead to stop me pulling and odd that it is I like it much more than the old one. It doesn’t get in my eyes when I’m naughty, although the down side is it does seem impossible to get my head out of. I also have a new tag to go on my collar which I am less impressed by as it jangles irritatingly when I walk anywhere. I understand all the arguments as to why I have to wear it, my mistress wants to know quickly if I get lost whether I am in England or Belgium. I suppose I would want to find her quickly too but is this really the best way of doing it? I wonder if they make any ‘jangle free’ dog tags? This one is quite fun, it is a little barrel and I can pretend to be a St Bernard and try and find people that need rescuing. I hope I don’t have to do too much digging in snow though, as it is a bit wet for my liking.