Thursday 21st December 2006

Well we are all loaded up and ready to go. I had a sudden panic and asked my mistress where she had put all the presents. It turns out that they are already in England and I don’t need to worry. It also turns out she hasn’t bought them all yet and has some shopping to do when we get there. I have asked if she would mind not making me sit in the car whilst she does it as I will have had enough of the car by the time we get there. She said if I was good she would let me wrap some of the presents whilst she is out. I dread to think what the option is if I am bad! Perhaps then I have to wrap all of the presents rather than just some of them.

I think my first new year’s resolution is to find a girlfriend. I am considering looking into whether there is internet dating for dogs. I do meet other dogs when I am out, but these are mostly boys. There must be some nice girl dogs out there but they just don’t walk in the places I go. I need someone that can cope with my lively, energetic and enthusiastic nature and the fact that I don’t always know my own strength. I’ve given my mistress enough bruises to last a lifetime so it would be no good my finding a really soft sensitive type. I’m pretty much stuck if they want puppies too. I suppose I could look for an older dog that has already had puppies but I think I might be a little too energetic for that. To be honest a girl about my age might be best. I wonder how I should describe myself for an advert.