Sunday 11th June 2006

Well I am off to the park today and then to try and find the little girl that has mole’s ring. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I have discovered what is under the bit of the garden I have not been allowed to go on. Firstly there was this big green cover, a tarpaulin I think it is called and in the winter I wasn’t allowed to go on it. Fair enough, it didn’t feel that nice anyway. Then that disappeared and underneath it was a white plastic cover with odd tasting water round the edges and I still wasn’t allowed to go on it. Well yesterday the cover was open and there is a big hole full of water and my mistress actually got into it. Why would she do a thing like that, she had already had a shower, how much clean water does one person need to go near in a day? Any is too much as far as I am concerned! Muddy water is fine, I will go through as much of that as I can find, but not clean water! I did dig my paw in it and it did feel quite nice, but I don’t think I am absolutely ready for getting into clean water on a voluntary basis. On the other hand my mistress said something about it being time for my tick treatment again and I do hate the way it leaves greasy marks on my coat for a few days. Perhaps when she has done it would be a good time to go in the pool.

I have been meaning to give you an update on Charlie, do you remember, the bear that goes in the microwave? Anyway, I found him the other day looking very sad and lonely, perched on the window sill in the bedroom, whilst I climbed onto the bed. My gloating was short lived, I was hauled off the bed again shortly afterwards, something to do with muddy paws, but it seems that Charlie’s appeal is only a seasonal thing. Perhaps the slogan should be changed and it should be ‘A teddy is for life, not just for the winter’ but I mustn’t catch myself feeling sorry for him, after all he is, or certainly was, the enemy.

I am putting in a request for a new frisbee. My old one is now so misshapen and with so many jagged edges from my teeth that my mistress won’t play with me anymore. I’ve got enough pocket money left but I need her to go and get it for me. I really can’t go for many days without playing my favourite game. I want to get to the point where I catch it all the time, instead of the odd occasion, although my mistress’s throwing will have to improve for that to happen any time soon!