Wednesday 10th May 2006

Hedgehog was busy on his youth club plan yesterday and squirrel was out so I had to make do with a day at home. For reasons known only to herself my mistress has once again washed my bed. Every time I get it just dirty enough to be acceptable in dog circles she insists on spoiling it. I was actually finding the extra layer of dog hair and dirt was helping to keep me warm. Not that it is cold of course, but it is nice to stay cosy.

Yesterday was really very strange. All of a sudden the sky started growling at me. To begin with it was little growls then bigger ones and every so often when I was least expecting it it tried to roar at me. Well I am fairly quiet at the best of times, except when for a wind-up I nip outside give one howl, set the local dogs off and then run back inside and pretend it wasn’t me. Anyway as I was saying, I wasn’t aware that on this occasion I had done anything to trigger it. I growled back to begin with but then it just got louder so I went to sit by my window to watch it. It really must have been very angry because it looked very dark and cross and then started throwing buckets of water at us. Strangely when it finished the sun came back out and everywhere looked really fresh and green. I have clearly still got a lot to learn, all very confusing.

Now that I have nearly grown up (I will be 6 months old on Saturday which in dog terms is, well almost, old enough to be considered responsible) I have asked if I can have a puppy of my own as a pet. I would look after it and take it for walks and make sure I cleaned up after it. Sadly my mistress doesn’t seem to think I can do all those things for myself yet so I guess I will have to keep asking. I did think I could ask for a rabbit or a hamster but that wouldn’t be so much fun. Maybe if I am good for a few days she will change her mind. So my plan for today is to get the post in (so that I can nibble the postman), load the dishwasher (so I can lick the plates) and cook tea (so that I can help myself to a bit more than scraps). Even with the benefits of each of these jobs I don’t think I can keep it up for long.

My master is a bit preoccupied as Middlesbrough are in the UEFA Cup Final tonight. He wanted to go but he couldn’t get a ticket so he has booked the television for the evening. The beer and Twiglets are on hand and I am under strict instructions not to keep walking in front of the television. It really spoils it for me when they don’t let me chase the ball on the screen.