Saturday 29th April 2006

I have been trying to psyche myself up for going to see hedgehog. What am I going to say? It was just a den to me but it was going to be his home. After all the years of being passed from pillar to post hedgehog was finally going to settle down and start a new life. How could the forest council be so mean as to not give him that opportunity? I was talking to one of the dear about it and they think it is actually because hedgehog was going to live in it that it has been refused. He thought that the Forest Council was rather hoping that hedgehog would move as far away as possible in case there was any risk of him re-offending. How is a chap to reform if society won’t give him any support and encouragement? Ok so I am just a puppy and maybe I will turn out to be wrong but I actually believe that hedgehog regrets how his life has been and really wants to make amends. The deer even went as far as suggesting to me that it looked bad for me that I was hedgehog’s friend. Well that is too bad. I like hedgehog and I intend to try and help him.

I spoke too soon about the moles. I must have been napping, though that really isn’t like me. There is a new garrison just inside the back gate. They have actually broken through the perimeter defences and are moving in on us. I am not sure yet of their numbers but I really don’t like their style of warfare. I am thinking that my best approach is probably to start digging from above to see if I can get them out in the open. The biggest problem now is to be able to start the digging without my mistress catching me. I don’t want to find myself being held responsible for the piles of earth appearing in the garden. I may also have to learn how to use a scrubbing brush to get the telltale signs of dirt from under my claws, otherwise it will be a dead giveaway. I am probably best leaving it until my master is at work so that he isn’t around to spot me and then wait for my mistress to move away from the rooms she can see me from. The other option is to try camouflage. If I could find a way as disguising myself as a piece of lawn with mossy patches on it and a few bare bits of earth, I would blend in beautifully. But sadly I have more important things to do today.