Monday 24th April 2006

I still can’t stop thinking about my picnic yesterday. I couldn’t eat all the food I had taken. I didn’t realise squirrel was a vegetarian, I thought all animals ate meat. But I appreciated the acorns she had brought for me and she liked the mixed dried fruit I had found in the cupboard. I spent most of yesterday lying around day dreaming. It worked out quite well as my master and mistress wanted to go to a museum that I wasn’t really interested in, so I said I was happy to stay at home as long as they weren’t going to be too long. I get a bit bored on my own and do so like having someone at my beck and call for all the cuddles and dog biscuits I need.

My mistress is making progress on the wedding planning. To be honest I try to keep out of it as much as possible. When I do make suggestions they don’t seem to be that welcome. I have asked for a new bed to go on the list for me. I want one that is a bit more imaginatively designed, but no my remonstrations have fallen on deaf ears. I will be lucky to get as much as a new dog bowl. Although thinking about it I don’t actually want a new dog bowl. I rather like my current one, it has pictures of bones on it that I can sit and look at longingly when it’s empty. My mistress is now trying to work out what to do about flowers. Well once again I thought it was important to help so I suggested that the best sort were the tastiest ones. You want ones that aren’t too chewy and not too strong a taste to them. For some reason my mistress seems to think it is more about the colour and whether she will be allergic to them or not. Funniest of all are her attempts at trying to apply fake tan. Well I rolled about laughing just watching her. This is where it is so much easier for me having a beautiful coat and not having to worry about things like that. I did suggest she could sit out in the garden with me for the next few months and I could play whilst she tried to go brown. But she pointed out that when you have red hair ‘going brown’ is more of a theory than a reality. I wonder if squirrel has the same problem. She looks just lovely as she is and really doesn’t need any sort of a tan. I wish I could go out with her again today but I really don’t want to appear too eager.