Monday 27th March 2006

Well I am off on a journey in the car today. My mistress has packed lots of things for me and says I am going to Switzerland so maybe it’s true. I asked if I could have some extra spending money if I was going on holiday as all my pocket money had gone ages ago and my mistress said she would see. She did confuse me though by telling me it would have to be in something called Swiss Francs instead of Euros as they use different money there. Why? The bad news was that I did have to go for an early walk. I grumbled all the way but the good bit was that we met a few other dogs on route. They were all grumbling that their owners took them out so early and seemed quite jealous when I said that we usually preferred to go out just after lunch. Most owners just have no idea what a dog wants! There are times that we are about as keen on exercise as they are, but does that stop them? No, it does not. They march us off because it’s ‘good for us’. Pah, a nice warm fireside and something to chew, that’s what we really want.

I did manage to get the mistress to buy some sweets for the journey but she wouldn’t let me have them early. I tried arguing that I would get sticky paws on the master’s car but she was one step ahead of me and said I shouldn’t have used the excuse they were for the journey if that wasn’t what I meant. I do hope she doesn’t decide to sing all the way there, it can really be very distracting when she does that. I end up trying to cover my ears with my paws. I don’t think the master can like the mistress’s singing either as he isn’t coming with us in the car. He says he is flying down later and we will see him there. I didn’t think she was quite that bad!

I went to see Squirrel before we set off and told her I would miss her. I felt all shy saying it but she seemed to like it. I won’t actually be gone for long so we can still go and see Hedgehog on Saturday. She isn’t very keen on the idea of coming but says she will for me. She thinks I will be too busy being excited going to another country to think about her, but I said that really wasn’t true and I wish she could come too. Then the journey would be fun and wouldn’t seem nearly so long. Anyway, Switzerland here I come. Do you think I need my bucket and spade?