Wednesday 6th August 2008

If you’re going to throw a rope that needs to be caught then you need to find someone that can catch. More to the point you need to find someone who can throw. Now the choice is a dog, who to be fair is better at chewing or tugging ropes, a child of 6 who to be fair is pretty good at most things, but may lack some of the desired coordination, a 12 year old with some of the same coordination issues, my Mistress who can neither throw not catch with any degree of success and my Master, who good as he is at both throwing and catching can’t possibly be on both ends of the same rope. It is fair to say that trying to moor the boat and tie it up is not our strongest point. Of course, having my Mistress worrying that at a moment’s notice I will jump ashore and feel the urge to chase after passing animals and people, doesn’t really help. Ok so she’s right but it would be nice to think that I could be trusted. She said it would be nice if my training had worked enough that being told to stay would overcome these urges. Yes of course it would be nice, just not realistic. She has instead found a rail to tie me to, to keep me out of trouble.


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