Wednesday 27th June 2007

Well it was all very odd when my mistress went outside and a lady, sitting in a car, outside next door said she was waiting for the ‘realtor’. My mistress was quite put out as we are very friendly with next door and said “would you mind telling me why?” It was even more of a surprise when the lady said she was there to do the check of the house for them moving out. Well at that point my mistress said that they might be out at the moment but as far as she knew they were definitely coming back. Fortunately, the lady asked what their surname was and everything sorted itself out very quickly when we found she was outside the wrong house. I can’t wait to tell Matilda that for a horrible minute we thought she was moving.

Judging by the weather, I think we may have missed summer somewhere and gone straight to autumn. Is mid summer really supposed to be as wet and windy as this? I’m fed up of sitting looking out of the window at rain. I’m also fed up of having to remember to wipe my paws thoroughly when I have been outside and the trouble I get into when I forget. I don’t really like going out in the rain, but on the other paw I do like eating. That means I need to go out to exercise and of course to get rid of everything I’ve eaten. I’m just trying to make sure that when I do bother to go out, I run round like mad so that I can condense all my exercise into as short a time as possible. My mistress seems to be going the other extreme and hibernating. She didn’t even get up until half past nine yesterday. I of course felt it was my duty to keep her company.


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