Wednesday 24th November 2010

I’m playing nurse dog to my Mistress. She really has a very poorly chest and needs looking after. I can’t leave it to the girls as they spend too long arguing about which one should have the right to do it and forget to do the actual work. She doesn’t need much, mainly a little comfort when she is struggling with asthma and needs to relax to help her breathing. The role involves a lot of lying on her feet with my head on her legs, gazing at her lovingly It’s a role I was born for.

I was reading something saying there has been flooding in Cornwall. Have I been on another planet for the last week or two as I hadn’t heard anything about it at all? I came across it while investigating the reports we might be getting some snow tomorrow. My Mistress groaned when I told her about the snow, but looking on the bright side at least we don’t have a steep drive to contend with this year. I wonder if the people living in our old house have realised what they can look forward to. I’m not sure if we ought to do the neighbourly thing and warn them so they have the opportunity to park elsewhere. Having said that, no one forewarned us, we only found out when we couldn’t get off the drive!

My Mistress is getting close to finishing her novel in time to send it to the competition. She has a few chapters she wants to rewrite, but is hoping to get them done by Friday. That just gives making it look nice and printing it out. Then it can be in the post a whole day before the deadline. There’s nothing like cutting it fine!


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