Wednesday 19th July 2006

You don’t suppose they have left me do you? They have said I am being picked up on Sunday but maybe they are only saying that. What if I’m not? What if now they are married they don’t love me anymore? I can’t ring them again either, I have run out of credit on my phone and until they get back I can’t go and top it up. They can still ring me, but I don’t suppose they will bother. I did try ringing the number I have got for topping up the phone with more credit but the woman explained to me that I would need a credit card to do it. I said I know the number of my mistress’s credit card but apparently that isn’t OK and I am not supposed to use it without her permission but I really am sure she wouldn’t mind. I’ve memorised all her security questions so I know all the right answers but apparently that would be something called ‘fraud’ and it is not good to do it. I had better stop ordering books on the internet with it before she realises it’s me. My mistress did say that if I had read the document she had issued with all the details of who has to be where and when, I would have known that I would be collected on Sunday but whey should I read it, the master didn’t. When I said that to my mistress she got a bit cross and said she makes all that effort so that everyone knows what is happening and no one appreciates it. I have a feeling she may not just be talking about me!

On a brighter note my mistress was laughing about the things that happen when you travel in England in a car with foreign number plates. There she was sitting in her car reading a book in a park, with the roof down, when a bloke came to talk to her about her car and started by very slowly and clearly saying “ Excuse _ me _. Do _ you _ speak _ English?” She was tempted to reply in Flemish to say she didn’t understand but was, for once, far too polite and laughed and said she was English. In the end this chap wouldn’t go away and she really wished she had gone with the Flemish option.

I tried going to the sales in an attempt to cheer myself up but game back having bought nothing and concluding that sales are nothing short of fraud. You see big posters in the windows saying things like ‘up to 70% off’ with the ‘up to’ in little letters and the 70 in very big ones. When you look round there are a few things that no one would want to buy for large discounts and then everything that is really nice is close to full price.


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