Wednesday 17th March 2010

I’m sorry BT, but you can’t blame my Mistress for voting you the most inefficient organisation in the world. She booked for you to connect our broadband on February 26th but that time you failed to put the details in your system. You rearranged it for March 5th and on that occasion even texted my Mistress to say it would now work, but it didn’t. She rang you on that day to say it wasn’t working but you told her she had to give it ten days before you could do anything. So she did. Then she rang you again on Monday and you couldn’t test our line as your equipment wasn’t working. So after she had already spend over half and hour on the phone to you, you told her to ring again on Tuesday. Dutifully, she rang again as requested and they ran some tests then told her that they would have to send an engineer out on Thursday. So far so good, or bad depending on which way you look at it. Her problems were not over though. When she had hung up from being phoned back by the BT engineer, the main phone number no longer worked either. So she rang a man and explained and he just said she shouldn’t worry because she had an engineer coming on Thursday. At that point she started to lose patience. Who was he to tell her not to worry? She wanted a working telephone line and she no longer had one. So she rang and spoke to a different engineer who said the problem was now cleared and it should be fine. I think Bt, that it is reasonable to put you somewhere at the top of the list of worst companies with which to deal.


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