Wednesday 16th December 2009

Well the snow is on the way. I’m ready for it. My Mistress doesn’t want to get snowed in and not be able to make her train to Switzerland. Nor does she want to get stuck on an English train going nowhere because of the snow. The irony of that, given how well Switzerland deal with snow, would be a little too much to cope with.

Yesterday my Mistress excelled. She has been concerned that this was going to happen for a while. Poor dear, she gets easily confused. She is working as part of the organisation of two clubs; one for me and my breed and the other for my little car and others of its type. Being a mere human she gets confused between the two. The car is not an Entlebucher and I am not a barchetta, however you try explaining that one to my Mistress. The other day she sent an email welcoming all the members of the Entlebucher club to the barchetta club. Some of them don’t know my Mistress very well and I’m now thinking that those poor people may be a little confused. I suppose it might be seen as her way of surreptitiously trying to develop the car club by making the doggie people wonder what they are missing.

Present wrapping is going on in our house. To be honest I hate it. I always get the sellotape stuck to my paws instead of the present. It’s part of my Mistress trying to be organised. She wants to run stocks of things down so that there is less to move house with. For a number of years she seems to have bought more wrapping paper than she needs, so this year she is trying to use it all up. Of course, I’m not sure she should be using birthday paper on the Christmas presents!


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