Tuesday 28th March 2006

Well I packed my bucket and spade but my mistress took it out again before we set off yesterday. Then she showed me the map and it turns out that Switzerland doesn’t have any sea round it. I am even more confused as to why the master didn’t travel with us, we drove right past the airport. He said he was getting some work done but I am quite sure it was the prospect of my mistress’s singing. All in all the journey was quite long, about 750km but wow what a lot to see. My 19 weeks of life have been spent mainly in Belgium with the odd trip (just one) to the Netherlands. If you know much about geography you may be aware that these have one important thing in common. They are flat. I now understand why my mistress didn’t want to bring her bike when I suggested it. After the first couple of hours of driving there started to be some hills and then some bigger hills. My mistress told me these are called mountains, it just looked very strange and quite amazing. When we stopped on the way I had great difficulty understanding what they were saying and my mistress couldn’t do much better.

I got a bit fed up being in the car and found it hard to reach down and change the dvd, so as I forgot to ask when we stopped I had to watch the same one twice. We stopped every so often and my mistress played I-spy with me a couple of times to cheer me up when I got bored. What she hadn’t told me is that I get to stay in a hotel. I’m not sure where I thought I might be staying but having never done this sort of thing before I hadn’t really thought about it. Annoyingly they have not booked me my own room and my mistress has brought my own bed so I don’t even get to snuggle up under the duvet. Apparently because I was so good in the restaurant the other day my mistress decided I was ready to stay in a hotel. It just goes to show you, behaving properly might be boring but it sometimes pays off.

I don’t know what my mistress is planning to do today but I just hope it doesn’t involve climbing up any of those mountains. I know I am a Swiss Mountain Dog but you can take going back to your roots a little too far! I really want to go and get a postcard to send to squirrel but I don’t know whether I will be allowed to. Some of the buildings are really pretty but the trees are different, I am not sure if squirrel would like it or not. There seem to be more of the pine trees and not so many deciduous ones. I have looked everywhere for acorns and just can’t find any anywhere. Perhaps there will be an acorn shop somewhere to make up for it.


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