Tuesday 20th January 2009

The inauguration of the new American president has taken place, but not the real one, just the Lego version. Why would you want to inaugurate your president in Lego? Do they think that suddenly thousands of five year olds will be begging their parents “Mummy, Daddy, please, please, please will you buy me the inauguration of the president set of Lego. I really want to build my own president.” I suppose when you think about it, a Lego president might do at least as good a job as some of the real ones have done, even if it were a five year old behind them making the decisions. I did wonder if they might also bring out a set of Lego of the plane that crashed into the Hudson, together with its hero pilot and a flock of miniature birds that fly into the engines.

I was also amused to find that the new Chairman of the Conservative Party is called Pickles. Is this a foreboding of the problems he will have to sort out? As a leader of another major political party, I think it is important to think about what a name might portray. They should have got him to change it before giving the appointment to something like ‘Success’ or ‘Efficient’ or in fact almost anything other than Pickles!

The most exciting thing I could find that happened on this day was the discovery of a woolly mammoth. Unfortunately it was dead, although that was probably for the best. I don’t suppose there is very much risk of meeting one when I go for my training later this morning, although I did meet a rather nice beagle last time.


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