Tuesday 17th May 2011

There is still no sign of Shadow coming into season. We’ve even started asking her in a morning how she’s feeling and whether she thinks it will be soon. She says if we aren’t careful the pressure we are putting her under will be too much for her and it won’t happen at all. Between that and the fact that James has some important exams over the next two weeks the stress levels are running pretty high in the house. I’d find it easier if my Mistress would stop playing the music she keeps putting on at the moment. It’s all to do with the new novel she has started writing and wanting to get into the culture of the time and place she is writing about. I think she may be taking it too far, particularly at the point she downloaded some of the music so that she could learn to play it on the keyboard. My Master is working away this week. I did ask him if he needed a dog to pull his luggage for him, although to be fair I didn’t really fancy the idea of doing physical labour either. I may just resort to lying under the duvet with my paws firmly over my ears.

The weather has gone all autumnal. I think it may be that we had summer at Easter and this is now what it will be like until winter. It’s a shame really as I wouldn’t have minded a bit more warm weather and the opportunity to laze around doing nothing. Shadow said she was hoping it would be nice so that her puppies could be outside some of the time, but I think she may be getting a little ahead of herself there.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk


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