Thursday 3rd August 2006

I have still not been tempted to get in the pool. I have decided that my position is to be ‘on guard’ when my mistress gets in. I am not really sure what I am guarding her from but I think she appreciates the sentiment. I am just hoping that I don’t need to protect her from something actually in the water because I would be a bit stuck then. I am not so keen to be on guard when James goes in or my master for that matter. It isn’t that I don’t want to protect them, I do of course, it is just that they splash much more and if I sit too close I get all wet.

Oh it’s all coming out now. It turns out that my mistress had driven 155 miles of the journey with James before realising she had left his passport behind. Not her smartest move and on a Sunday evening too. She tried ringing courier firms to see what they would charge but no one really wanted to do a 350 mile trip on a Sunday evening. So what did she do? She only went and left her mother’s birthday meal after only an hour to drive all the way back to collect it and then had to make James get up really early to set off for the journey back so they didn’t miss their Channel Tunnel crossing. Not one of her better days! She said she hadn’t quite got the hang of being a step-mum and thinking about what everyone else needed as well as herself. She isn’t going to forget again in a hurry, I am quite sure of that.

I have developed a new bedtime ritual. At first my master and mistress thought I was being difficult and not wanting to go to bed. But they caught me in the act so I had to confess. When they put me to bed at night I have to go outside to do anything I need to do first. The backdoor goes straight out from my room so it is fairly easy but very often whilst I am out there they leave the door open and the light on. This means that a few insects get it into their head that they want to move in to my room which is not something I am happy with. Most of them are ok but I find the noise of the mosquitoes buzzing past my ear puts me off sleeping. So I have started a little nightly game of seeing how many I can catch and eat before I get into bed. Swatting them is ok until you get one that is full of blood and are left wondering if it’s yours!


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