Thursday 31st January 2008

Being the only one that couldn’t go and see my grandpa in the hospital, (except my mistress who isn’t here but could have gone if she were), I was ready to be the welcoming party when he came home. I had to keep saying to myself, “I mustn’t jump up, I mustn’t jump up.” I don’t think he would have been very pleased if I had accidentally put a paw where the operation wound was. For safety’s sake I have been banished to a different room. I do understand the point but I could have curled up nicely and kept him company. OK, so I have momentary lapses of concentration, when the idea of playing is greater than the idea of being good, but I might have kept it under control.

I spoke to my mistress yesterday. She is very sad without me there to cheer her up. She says Tigger and Matilda don’t do nearly as good a job as me. I have no idea whether she meant it, but it was good to hear her say it anyway. One thing they aren’t as good at is going for a walk with her. The removals men have driven off with all our belongings. I hope they don’t get lost as they have some of my toys in amongst everything else. I’m quite fond of the settee as well. I wouldn’t mind if some of my mistress’s music when astray but there is little chance of that as my master brought that in a box in the car with me. My mistress had the sense to pack some of his stuff in the same box, so there was no incentive for him to lose the box either. It will be another week until we see everything again and rather longer before it will all be unpacked. I hope my mistress knows exactly which box my main bed is in. I don’t mind my travel bed for a short while but there are limits.


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