Thursday 31st August 2006

All things considered yesterday was not bad. We had to take my mistress’s friend back to the airport but then on the way back we went to the zoo. I’m not sure I was supposed to be there but I asked very nicely and my mistress said as long as I didn’t mind waiting in the car in the car park then I could go. I know you may think that is a bit disappointing but have you ever sniffed the air outside a zoo? There were so many exotic animal smells, I was in raptures. I went off the idea of going in when the children joked I might get put in a cage for lots of people to stroke. What kind of dog do they think I am? I am way too domesticated to be in a zoo. Mind you, if it did happen I’ve watched the movie Madagascar, I could lead an escape party. I wonder where I would try to escape to?

To be honest I was glad they took me as the previous day I was banished for most of the day. It wasn’t that my mistress didn’t want me around on her birthday, it was more that I had been a little unwell. I’d had one of those 24 hour sickness and diarrhoea things and it wasn’t so much that as the fact it left me with terrible wind. I didn’t want to be with me, so I couldn’t really take it that personally that they didn’t want me around at the bar-b-q! I escaped once or twice now I have learnt to open the gate which still gave me plenty of opportunity to wreak havoc.


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