Thursday 24th April 2008

I don’t believe this is happening to me. Just as I thought I was going to have a playmate and friend, she disappears. We have been for miles sticking up notices. My Mistress is normally very careful not to break the rules and is the sort of person who would never stick a notice anywhere that a notice shouldn’t be stuck. That was until Bella went missing! We started with the proper council village notice boards, being careful not to cover anyone else’s notices. Then we progressed to telegraph poles and from there to road signs, direction posts, and notice boards we aren’t supposed to use. This morning we are going in search of more places to put them. We had a phone call from a lady but concluded she had seen another dog. Then we had phone calls from people asking if there was any news. Then we had a phone call from a lady who really may have seen her, but the sighting was on Monday night and given that was already 5 miles from here ‘as the dog walks’ (there’s no point bringing crows into the equation), she could have gone a very long way by now. We went to have a look where the possible sighting was and I have to say that if I were planning to go missing, it’s got to be one of the nicest places to do it. There is a lovely sweeping river with wide flat fields either side, with no fences. Then there are some lovely woods. The only thing that might get a bit annoying is the neighbouring RAF base but I suppose you can’t have everything!

We will progress to put signs in villages further away from here but in the direction she might be travelling in next. What am I going to do if she doesn’t come back? I don’t want just any dog as my playmate. I want a little girl Entlebucher and come to that I don’t want just any little girl, I want my Bella.


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