Thursday 17th September 2009

The weather has turned colder and my Mistress is very concerned. Obviously she knew it would turn colder at some point and she wasn’t backwards in going to find a nice thick jumper to put on, but she’s worried about the central heating. Our central heating runs on oil and it has been a while since she has put any oil in the tank. When she did put some in, she remembered the gauge showing about a quarter of a tank full. She went to check it yesterday and it is still showing about a quarter of a tank full. Now she doesn’t  know whether to put more in, assuming that the gauge is faulty or to keep the money safely in the bank and hope that the heating doesn’t stop working. I was urging her to put some oil in, but she seemed to be taking the more risky approach.

If you’ve ever used social networking sites, then you will know that they can be addictive and there is a desire to have a large number of contacts so that you don’t look like the friendless person, left all on their own. But what happens when you get too many? How do you remove someone from your network without causing offence? There are people you want to stay in touch with, but that you don’t need to know what they are doing every minute of the day and there are people whose lives you want to be intimately part of. If you fill your Facebook friends with lots of people that you simply want to know are there, but don’t want all their day to day activities, the danger is that you spend so long reading about what they are up to that you lose sight of the others. It’s only once you find there are different types of social networking sites for business and pleasure that you start to realise you might have been a bit over enthusiastic in their application. Having said that, my Mistress did find that her sister has a cold as a result of reading it on Facebook.


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