Sunday 7th June 2009

It hasn’t been an exciting weekend at this end. Not unless you include our first group cuddle in bed. Shadow can now climb onto my Master and Mistress’s bed and if she’ll sit still for long enough, we can all have a nice cuddle. If she doesn’t sit still, there are paws everywhere and we take it in turns to be injured by her flailing limbs. The funniest bits are the times that she falls off the bed, because she hasn’t kept an eye on where it ends and the floor starts.

This is probably the sort of time that I should be getting all political and pointing out that I am in fact campaigning to become the next Prime Minister and quite honestly there does look as though there is going to be a vacancy on that front. My party is not in disarray. None of our members are at the heart of any expenses issues and I have suffered no chock resignations from my closest circle. I would be advocating a closer working relationship with dogs from around Europe and harmonisation of the rules relating to access to dogs, making it illegal to bar a dog from any premises except on an individual basis and with just cause. For this purpose, you can be reassured a being a Jack Russell is in itself a just cause. If a dog is prepared to behave, why can’t he go and look round the museum or an art gallery? Why do humans have this biased view assuming that your average dog doesn’t appreciate a bit of culture? He may of course stop and have a good scratch while contemplating the Mona Lisa, but this is just a sign that he is thinking and not that he has fleas.


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