Sunday 3rd July 2011 – Absent mindedness is a godsend

Sometimes you have to laugh and keep your own counsel. I think my Mistress is either under pressure or becoming senile, whichever it is, on this occasion I was the beneficiary. In a morning she normally puts our bowls in different rooms. Shadow eats in the utility, Megan eats in the kitchen and I eat in the bit between the two. It saves on the arguments as to whose bowl has got more in and with both girls on a diet those discussions can become fearsome. About half an hour after feeding us, my Mistress found that my bowl and Shadow’s bowl were next to each other in the same room. That either meant we had eaten amicably but Shadow a little later than me, or it meant that my Mistress had actually fed me twice and hadn’t fed Shadow at all. What was she to do? Shadow is on a diet and can’t be trusted where food is concerned. She was bound to say I had eaten it so that she could have some more. I on the other paw simply can’t be trusted where food is concerned and was bound to say it wasn’t me. The only option was for Shadow to be given another bowl of food to be on the safe side that she had eaten. All I can say is that I was one happy dog that morning.

I am delighted to say that yet again we had more readers than ever last month. More than 6,500 pages were read and now my book is selling too. It’s really rather exciting. I feel at last that I am a real writer. All I need now is to finish moving my blog to the new software so that you can enjoy the new look and some of the extra benefits we can add and everyone will be happy.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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