Sunday 3rd August 2008

Now I ought to be excited that I’m on holiday and of course I am, or at least I almost am. It’s just that I can’t help feeling we are here under false pretences. For a start I don’t like water and we seem to be surrounded by it on the Norfolk Broads. As if that isn’t bad enough we are here because we were supposed to have two dogs by the summer. The theory was that the other one was going to be a puppy and therefore couldn’t have got its passport in time to travel abroad for a holiday. It was also too late to book two of us into kennels for the summer and whilst I could have gone to my grandparents, it would have been too much to have two of us. The long and the short of it is that my Mistress convinced everyone that we needed to have a holiday in England and here we are. We hired a boat for 8 people and 2 dogs, so that the older children could each bring a friend. As plans go this one is not one of the best. Firstly the eldest child decided not to come at all and it would have been odd for us to bring a friend without her. Middle child didn’t choose to bring a friend. Then we haven’t ended up with a second dog. The best bit is we can all move round which bed we sleep in at regular intervals. The worst bit is that we’re on water.


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