Sunday 29th August 2010

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mistress, happy birthday to you.

I’m trying to cheer her up as she’s feeling a bit on the old side. I did point out that in dog years I’m catching her up rather faster than is enjoyable but that didn’t seem to do it. She sat in bed opening her cards and presents with me on one side of her and Megan on the other. We were both making a fuss of her. Shadow doesn’t get much of a look in when we are both around. Anyway, she is looking forward to getting dressed up as Xena Warrior Princess tonight and going to a party with Batman. We will also be dressing up in the lovely scarves that were bought for us as a present from Switzerland. They are really very smart and I think we’ll be having a photo wearing them.

It seems funny to think the summer holidays are nearly over and we will be going back to a more normal routine. It’s probably a good job as we’ve got to the point of forgetting which day is which and my Mistress getting a bit confused. It doesn’t really matter to us most of the time, but every so often there are things we have to remember. We do have a weekly chalk board on the fridge but even that hasn’t been kept up to date over the summer. I think My Mistress is planning to start doing things like that tomorrow –once her birthday is out of the way. She’s going to make some ice cream for James too. She asked what his favourite flavour was and he asked for mint choc chip so that is what is happening. I asked if I could help but my Mistress has explained it wouldn’t be a good idea as I can’t have chocolate. She may have a point. I do have a habit of licking my paws.


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