Sunday 28th December 2008

My mistress has let me have a go with her new digital pen. I find it quite difficult holding it between my paws. It’s strange some of the words and spellings it comes up with when you convert the file to text. We could almost invent a new word game of guessing what the sentence was supposed to say. I seem to be getting the odd capital letter where I didn’t mean to have one and as for the times that I go over my work to make corrections, well it gets very confused. As I write this, My Mistress has found out how to train it so I need to go and do some practice writing before I carry on.

The January sales have begun. Actually, from observation they began long before Christmas and rather than being January sales are a desperate attempt to make ends meet and beat the recession. I will be attending the sales only as far as they hit internet shopping. The thought of fighting the crowds is not appealing, even if there is a bargain at the end of it. But then, what good is a bargain if it is something you didn’t need in the first place? Just because you buy it cheap doesn’t make it worth buying, unless you plan to sell it on Ebay later at a higher price, probably to people like me who can’t face the crowds in the shops.

We are close to the house returning to something near normal. The people who arrived are little by little leaving and my Mistress has now come home from staying at the pub. I’ve enjoyed having everyone around but I am quite used to my quiet life of sleeping, walking, eating and cuddling. I think I need a bit of a break before life gets too exciting again.


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