Sunday 28th August 2011 – I am inconsolable

I’m inconsolable. It’s all my fault. If the little house had been ready, if I’d had some suitable food, she would have stayed here where it was safe. She didn’t need to go wandering off down the road. Now it’s too late and the fulfilment of my wish was very short lived. Our little hedgehog has been run over and I feel as though it is all my fault. Her house will arrive on Tuesday and now there is no one to move in. I’m going to have to make a tiny sign saying ‘to let’ and hang it outside. There was going to be a cosy little nest all ready for her to move into for the cooler days and nights to come and lovely little bowl for her food. I know there wasn’t really much I could do, given that she must have been hungry, but I could have at least found her a pile of leaves to be going on with.

It makes all my other news feel less interesting to me thinking of the sad end to her little life. Why do humans have to be so careless?

More positively, our friend Bun han in Cambodia is now fully funded for his loan  and as a result of the exchange rate being better than expected we have had a repayment of some of the loan already. Now we just need to wait and see how he gets on buying the piglets and raising them. Do follow the Lending with Care link to find out more.

I am being run ragged by the girls at home. To be fair it isn’t so much Shadow. She is behaving quite serenely and is lovely now she’s pregnant. It’s Megan. She has decided there is a vacancy for top dog while Shadow is indisposed. She wants me to let her have my food and my chews and I don’t know where I am. Yesterday I was given a lovely chew and I just sat holding it not knowing whether she would actually let me eat it or whether I had to hand it over to her. I sat with it in my mouth for ages before concluding that the wires of the crate might just be strong enough to stop her getting to me.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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