Sunday 21st February 2010

My Mistress is running out of things to shred. I’m hiding my things before she starts on those. I’ll be glad when this little craze is over and she’s bored with shredding. At the moment she seems to be finding it quite therapeutic. I shall also be glad when she accepts the fact that she isn’t going to repair the damage I’ve caused to the garden by making me go out in it on a lead. I know that running up and down by the side of the road has left rather a lot of mud and I know she wants to sow some grass seed in the hope it takes before we leave, but it isn’t going to grow while the temperatures outside are below zero. It’s quite funny, as fast as she repairs things other things break. The plant pot that was outside the front door with the plants that are still alive has now cracked and fallen apart because of the frost. I’d just give up if I were her.

She is sorting out things we need to get rid of before we move and that has included James’s bed. It’s a long story but we have more beds that we have rooms, people or dogs and we won’t be able to fit them all in the new house so she is finding new homes for things when she can. You don’t need to worry there is still a bed for James to sleep in and at the end of the process when we move he will get a better one, so he won’t lose out. I’m just hoping that none of my beds are going as I’m quite attached to them. I’ve used the argument that we will definitely need more beds when we have Megan and another dog, so it would be crazy to get rid of any of them. Now I just have to come to terms with sharing them.


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