Sunday 14th January 2007

I tried an alternative tactic on the bed front last night. Well my master is away so his side of the bed was empty and I do so hate seeing a comfortable bed going to waste. My mistress was a little surprised to wake and find a furry head on the pillow next to her but I had seen my master sleeping like that so I thought I would give it a try. I would normally go for the ‘curled up in a ball’ approach but the pillow thing wasn’t bad. Unfortunately I got sent back to my own bed and have now been told it is my responsibility to change the duvet cover and pillow slip before my master comes home and finds out. I simply pointed to the cushion that says ‘no outfit is complete without added dog hair’ but my mistress said my master doesn’t think in quite the same way. Humans can be so picky! During the day I am still sleeping with my head on the remnants of my pig, my mistress should have been grateful that I didn’t drag that into bed with her.

Continuing along the theme of not understanding my human companions, what is the point? Why go and buy new jeans ‘because your old ones are a disgrace and have holes in them’ and then continue to wear the old ones? It is the same with the slippers. Actually it isn’t quite the same with the slippers to be fair with them there is more hole than slipper but the jeans are still holding together, except in one of two less noticeable places. I am starting to think that with my mistress she actually likes to be scruffy. She calls it comfortable but I think she past that stage a long time ago on the way to threadbare!


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