Sunday 11th April 2010

The picture hanging is complete. There was a lot of negotiation about the ones that would go up and the ones that would go in the loft. Then there was a lot of negotiation about which ones would go in which room. In between that there was a lot of ‘Left a bit, no right a bit. No it needs to go higher. No back where you were a minute ago.’ ‘Do you think that looks ok against that colour paint?’ and ‘Ow, that was my thumb.’ But all in all the exercise has been completed to everyone’s satisfaction. My Mistress even managed to find some picture frames that fitted some more of my portraits from my photo shoot. I offered to sign one of them so she could put it in the downstairs toilet with her other signed photographs, but no one seemed to think that was either necessary or helpful.

It’s official. James’s bus pass has arrived for the school bus to his new school. As of a week on Monday he will be travelling independently each day and my Mistress will be staying in her pyjamas for longer than she has been able to for a long time. Of course the start of that course of action may be delayed by having the builders on site still, but at least in principal she can look forward to it happening. I’m just hoping that he can still find his new school uniform in amongst everything from the move. It would be a real shame if on his first day he didn’t have everything he needed. I think we should make him try it all on next Saturday to see how he looks and as a trial run. I think I’m just jealous because I never got a uniform to go to puppy classes in.


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