Saturday 7th April 2007

So, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that my campaign to hug everyone is proving very popular and seems to make people smile even when they are unhappy. I have even found it calms my master and my mistress down when they get stressed out by the children. I am going to keep working on it to see if in time it can bring about total harmony and world peace. The bad news is I can’t spell or can’t type, one or the other. As a nice surprise for the boys I ordered T shirts from my very own range. I thought the most appropriate one for Andy was the one about muddy pawprints as even when I haven’t helped he never stays clean for long. Anyway, it would have been so much better if I have actually spelt ‘artist’ without the extra ‘i’. It seems I am now an aritist or artisit or something remarkably similar. The only consolation is at the age of five he is still learning to spell so I got away with telling him that was how it was spelt until I gave my mistress hers and she spotted it. The end result is I shall have to use some more of my pocket money to get them ones that are correct and James like his so much he wants another one about all the dog hair. To be honest I don’’t know what he means in this house it isn’t my hair that blocks the plughole and seems to get everywhere. Naming no names but I think he might be better to try accusing the person with long red hair. Although, having said that, my mistress is more often covered in my hair than I am in hers.


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