Saturday 23rd April 2011

I’ve been asking to go down to the pond to see the new ducklings, but my Mistress says they have quite enough to contend with without being scared by a big bouncy dog. It’s the time of year that the village green looks its best, with all the blossom on the trees and the sun shining. I’ve been told I can help in the garden if I’d like to but I think she is missing the fact that I just wanted to enjoy the spring by looking at it rather than having to lift a paw and do anything. I do prefer the grass to be cut regularly. I’m much happier finding a toilet spot when the grass is short and as for the thorns I got in my nose when I went to investigate the weeds in the corner of the garden, I could have well done without those and I was a wimp when my Mistress used some tweezers to pull them out. I admit it.

James has got it into his head that we should have some decking and a canopy made of wood, like the one our friends have in Switzerland. My Mistress is more realistic and knows that none of us has the time or skills to build it. She has her heart set on a little tent thing that stands in the garden and you can then have a table under to eat outside. It has gauze flaps to keep the flies out. Our first problem is that my Master prefers to look at the outside world from the comfort of the indoor world, through a window, so he isn’t so keen on either of the ideas. I’m backing the tent as eating outside always seems to result in more for the dog.


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