Saturday 14th October 2006

For the purpose of what I am about to tell you all parties will remain nameless to protect the innocent and not so innocent alike. Having a car that is quite high up and involves a big step to get in, is all well and good, though a bit of a struggle for a dog. I obviously don’t mean any particular dog of course. Anyway a certain female in getting into such a car split her skirt. This is funny but not as funny as the prospect of trying to use such a car to pick up a very elderly lady. It has been suggested that it could be used in conjunction with a hoist but somehow there seems to be a lack of dignity in the whole proposal. The choice would be a car so high off the ground you need a hoist to get her in, or a car so low you need a hoist to get her out. Neither seems a particularly good option. On top of all that my mistress told me off for finding the whole prospect quite so funny! I don’t supposed it dawned on her she shouldn’t be telling me the story in the first place.

I was watching the film ‘Finding Neverland’ last week. It is a great film but what I don’t understand is why they have a part in a play for a dog and have it played by a human dressed up as a dog. Why not give the part to a real dog? There really aren’t enough jobs for dogs anyway without ones that should be for dogs being taken by a human. Perhaps this is something the PDDP should take up. I have been thinking about the problem that animals taking acting parts don’t receive their wages direct but find they are paid to their human owner. In reality this whole concept of having an owner is little more than slavery, particularly when they are made to work in this way without receiving their own earnings. Now don’t get me wrong, I have quite a cushy little number here and don’t particularly want my freedom but dogs should be able to have their freedom if they want it. I think that should be our top priority, no more slavery for dogs, we have civil and human rights too. Is it possible for a dog to have a ‘human’ right?


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