Saturday 10th May 2008

This brief spell of summer has led my Mistress to indulge in a spell of open top driving, without me! I’m not bitter, well maybe just a little bit. I thought that was my car, but she has taken James to school in it and the problem with a 2 seater is that it only has two seats. How am I supposed to get in if there are already two humans in it? I started pointing out all the ways in which it was probably environmentally unfriendly but she had answers for all of them except the noise from the exhaust pipe, which she even admitted to rather liking. I wanted to feel the wind in my ears as we drove along. She has promised to take me out in it in the next few days as long as the weather stays nice. She said she had to use it to stop the battery going flat again. She needs to get it to the garage for some repairs next week and she is worried that it won’t start. She is probably right to be worried seeing as we have had to use jump leads twice in as many weeks.

I am pleased to report that not only are there lots of little ducklings about but it seems the rabbits have been breeding like, well like rabbits. There are bunnies everywhere. We drove down one road and there were literally dozens of bunnies at the sides of the road. I asked if I could take one home as a pet but my Mistress says it is much nicer to see them free. I wonder if the farmers think the same thing? I suppose it would depend whether they damaged the crops or limited themselves to munching away on the grass verges. They could come and munch our grass, that always needs cutting.


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