Monday 8th September 2008

Well the PC repair operation is progressing. Most things are now working, however sadly my Mistress is seeking to confirm to the Belgian bank that she is stupid. One week after the cash machine ate her card because she forgot to take it out, she now has to ring them to reset up her internet banking. There are times when it is definitely easier being a dog!

It was an odd and rather exciting day yesterday. We live in a little village, where nothing very exciting happens, except it would seem on one Sunday in the year when hundreds of people turn out to do a 10 kilometre run. They were all supposed to park on the field opposite our house but as it’s flooded and waterlogged, if they had parked there they would never have got out again. I was just glad that the car parking was moved before my services were called upon to pull people out of the mud. I don’t think I’d have been strong enough but when you are a cart dog there is always the risk that people might ask.

I asked to go for a walk while they were running, but my Mistress reminded me of my tendency to jump up passing joggers and said if I didn’t mind she’d rather not take the risk. She took me to play at the new house though. I’m not allowed to run round the garden there yet, as the fence is a little lower than she would like it to be. I quite like it at the height but she has drawn the line at me having that amount of independence. ‘I can’t have a front door key then?’ I asked, but it seems I’m pushing my luck. Maybe when I’m a little older I’ll be allowed one.


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