Monday 8th March 2010

It looks as though I may be about to lose my bet. Although technically I am definitely winning. With the frost we have had there has been no opportunity for the grass seed to do its work, however the old grass is reasserting itself now that we aren’t running on it and is starting to make some patches look green again. I must say that where my Mistress has filled in some holes and put in the grass she had already grown in pots it is looking quite good. I do hate it when she turns out to be right.

We had the pleasure of having one of my Mistress’s cousins to stay last night. She lives in Australia normally and is over here for just a couple of weeks. It was interesting listening to her talking it reminded me of our old neighbours in Belgium. It made me feel quite tearful thinking about all that we’ve left behind. Of course, our old neighbours aren’t actually left behind as they have moved as well, but it left me feeling dreamy. My Mistress says she has felt a bit like that doing all the unpacking. She keeps finding things that she hasn’t seen for a couple of years and wanting to sit down and think about the happy times that went with things. She found an eeyore cushion that she had completely forgotten today and probably at least as usefully her winter jumpers, which of course would have been more useful when it was actually winter. Now she has to remember where she puts everything so that she can find it again ready for next winter. I offered to have the cushion in my bed, but it turns out that it wasn’t being offered to me.


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