Monday 2nd November 2009

My Mistress is trying to arrange a visit to the latest addition to the family, a puppy in Switzerland. The last time we tried this the dear little puppy turned out not to be suitable for breeding and so went to a different home. We are hoping that this time everything will be all right and my Mistress is going out to meet her and make sure she is happy. I’ve said that as the pack leader in the house, I should be the one to make the final decision, but she’s planning to go by train and I’m not allowed on the one that goes under the Channel. I’ve asked if she could take a questionnaire from me to make sure the puppy understands her place and isn’t quite as bossy as Shadow tries to be. My Mistress has said that knowing her mother, she thinks the puppy will be just lovely and that I’ll be perfectly happy with her. It’s particularly important as this one will sleep in the same room as me, so we’ll be together twenty-four hours a day. That’s except for the time when Andy is staying when my Mistress has promised that she can stay in with him. Her names going to be Megan again. My Mistress is determined to have a puppy called Megan. I hope this one is the right one, otherwise there are going to be puppies everywhere called Megan and not one of them living with us.

What is exciting about this trip is that it will probably be really snowy when my Mistress goes. I’m envious and asked if she could take some photos of my ancestral homeland under snow. It’s the lease she can do to appease me for not going myself.


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