Monday 28th May 2007

Worryingly my mistress seems to be writing poetry again. Neither my master nor I are great fans of poetry and some of the ones she writes are very dark. I read one the other day that she was thinking of entering in a competition and it felt like someone had stolen the sunshine. My master said he quite liked limericks so I thought I would have a try at writing one for him.

‘There once was a dog called Einstein

Who for his good master did pine

When he went away

There wasn’t a day

When he didn’t write him a line.’

I had to use Einstein, my kennel name, as I couldn’t get Alfie to work! Perhaps I ought to give my mistress a hand so that her poems are a little less serious. I did find some of hers that were a bit lighter but they really aren’t up to my standard, poor dear.

I may have told you that I have found a website to submit my t-shirt slogans too that may mean that get used commercially. I have sent them my favourite one ‘Every puppy needs his dad.’ I thought it worked well as a double meaning. Of course every puppy does need his dad but so does every small person. If only life were simple.

I have received word from Belgium that while we are away ‘the first mole of summer’ has moved in. Most people wait for the first cuckoo but not us, for us it is moles. Don’t they realise we have installed a solar ‘sonic’ mole deterrent? Perhaps we should have gone for the battery operated one, I suppose with all the trees the solar one may not be much good.


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