Monday 27th September 2010

Quinnie’s puppies are due to be born in the next week. I’m really very excited. I can’t wait to find out how many there are. It is going to be so exciting to have more of us to play with on the Fun Days we have. Which reminds me, did I tell you that if all goes to plan then Shadow’s brothers are coming to visit us? Well two of them anyway. I think the plan is for them all to go for a walk together. I don’t think I am included, partly because my Mistress has difficulty walking all three of us, mainly due to me being badly behaved on occasions. I guess it’s one of those trips out that is mainly for Shadow. I do hope her brothers know what they are letting themselves in for. She is very bossy and domineering. In fact she reminds me of my own sister. Maybe it’s just that I am cowardly and submissive and they are normal.

My Mistress has been looking at holidays she might like to go on and has found some dog-sledding holidays. I said for a price we could take her, but she didn’t think our training would really cover it. I admit if I smelt a rabbit I’d probably be off in a different direction with the sled in tow, but I’m sure we could work round that. I was wondering if we could go with her, but I think the huskies might object to having to pull us as well as humans and their luggage. I expect at the very least they would look to us to help with the work, which wouldn’t be much of a holiday. It’s like going self-catering but worse. I suppose it’s more like backpacking but having to carry everyone else’s luggage and everyone else for that matter!


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