Monday 27th February 2006

I do have one major concern today. Now I know that people seem to think it is good to eat healthy things but I am rather partial to the Frosties that occasionally fall out of the packet when my mistress is putting her breakfast out. It may just be me, but I have noticed that the last two packets do not seem to have had as much sugar coating and I am not happy. I have been thinking of writing to complain. Do you think they are used to dealing with complaints from puppies? I am hoping that they have just got a batch of ‘reduced sugar Frosties’ (which is a pointless contradiction, if you want reduced sugar – just buy Cornflakes!) confused with proper Frosties. I sincerely hope they aren’t trying to fob me off with an inferior sugar coating on a permanent basis.

What an exciting discovery. I have found out that if I angle it just right I can chase my tail. I can’t quite catch it as it seems to go at almost exactly the same speed that I go but if I do it for long enough I’m bound to get there in the end.

It really is very strange living in a country that speaks two languages. One of the biggest problems is finding places. Maps are difficult enough for dogs to read at the best of times but when you are looking for a place name like Antwerp and find that in fact here it is called Antwerpen, unless you are in the French speaking part in which case it is Anvers. Surely one place can’t have three different names? I am still trying to work out where Luik is! I am told it is Liege but that seems ridiculous they are nothing like each other. At least in Great Britain, although you may wonder about the dialects and have serious difficulty understanding what people from, for example, Glasgow are saying at least when it comes to spelling the place name there is no change, presuming they spell it correctly in the first place! Me and the mistress are still struggling to speak and understand Dutch, or rather Flemish, but then when she rings up other places in Belgium she keeps finding she is talking to someone that speaks French instead. It would be ok if she was fluent in any of them, poor dear! It is a little more simple for me I just have to remember blijf means stay and zit is sit. I am hoping when I get a little more confident to try learning the French commands as well and be a tri-lingual dog. It is interesting that so far I have found that squirrel and all the other woodland animals seem to speak English and I have no problems talking to them at all.


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