Monday 24th May 2010

You will be pleased to know that the last of the roses were planted yesterday. At least that’s the last until they buy the standard roses they want but I’m not absolutely sure where they are going. The hammock is now ready for use and you can guarantee that as the garden is now ready to enjoy that will be the last of the good weather. I asked if the hammock could be put in the shade for me as I don’t really like sitting in full sun. I find my black coat gets a bit warm and of course I can’t take it off. After reading her gardening magazine my Mistress’s latest idea is that she will start to grow plants with medicinal properties. Now I’m not one to cast aspersions, but with the red hair as well wouldn’t that make her the sort of person that was branded a witch and ducked in the village duck pond? We have the pond, all we need is the ducking stool. Perhaps it could be an additional attraction at the Fun Day in the summer.

She has been working out what furniture she needs for the summer house and the only thing she is short of is a desk. She is now keeping an eye on the recycling group that she belongs to in the hope that someone decides to give one away. It will need to be one that packs flat so that she can get it in the car!

This week is a quiet week and my Mistress is hoping to plough on with the final edit of her novel. So far she has only done two chapters so she has a long way to go. Then she just needs to find a publisher, but as she hasn’t found one for her first novel yet she seems to have some hard work to do.


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