Monday 18th December 2006

I have heard about an elderly lady in England who has lots of Corgi’s and sends a Christmas message to the nation on Christmas Day. Not a bad idea I thought, so I have decided that on Christmas Day I will give a Christmas address on behalf of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party to all dogs everywhere and of course one or two owners as well.

He who laughs last and all that. My mistress didn’t realise when she invited everyone round for mulled wine and mince pies that you don’t get mince pies in Belgium. She didn’t assume she was going to have to make them all. Then it got worse, she found they didn’t sell mincemeat either and she didn’t have much in the cupboard. I said it served her right but fortunately our neighbours saved the day by going to the English shop in Brussels and finding some there. My mistress is still going to be making some so I am looking forward to picking up all the bits that fall on the kitchen floor. As I look at it, I save on having to get the vacuum cleaner out.

I did try helping hunt for one of my neighbour’s rabbits at the weekend. I did my best, trying to pick up the scent and following it to see where it went. I didn’t manage to find it which I was very disappointed by as the girl that the rabbit belonged to looked so sad and I really wanted to try and make her happy. I managed to smell it as far as a hole in their front garden and I really think it went down there but there was nothing I could do. The hole was smaller than I am, but bigger than a rabbit. Maybe it will come back on its own.


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