Monday 14th August 2006

Well James is back and this time Helen and Andrew are here. I thought playing with a 10 year old boy was hard work until I had a four year old to contend with as well. I am going to seriously need to find somewhere to hide when it all gets too much. I said that to my mistress and she said she understood how I felt, perhaps we should find somewhere to hide together. It seems my mistress has to spend all her time running round looking after them all, the strange thing is that she loves them being here even though it means loads more work. Odd really.

There has been some ‘discussion’ about travel arrangements when we go on holiday on Friday. It seems that seven people, one dog and a lot of luggage will not all fit in one vehicle. My mistress has said she is taking her car as well but that only seats two people, or more to the point one people and a dog! Some dispute has broken out about who gets to go in the second seat of my mistress’s car, which is of course flattering for the car but some dispute has also broken out about who gets to sit with me, and why can’t I go in the car with everyone else which is of course very flattering to me. To be fair when I am in master’s car I don’t generally take up just one seat, I take at least two and three if I can get away with it. My mistress is therefore using this to support her point that I am going in her car, which of course I see as my car too and I have said that as long as we can have the roof down I am happy with that. Now we just need to see how we can get all the luggage in, apparently my bed and food seem to take up a disproportionate amount of space. I said “leave my food, I am happy to eat steak this week as a sacrifice” but it fell on deaf ears.

I think my mistress is really hoping that the weather will stay good this week so that we can all play outside and keep ourselves entertained. I think she will be climbing the walls if she has to find things to keep us all occupied.


James said the funniest thing earlier. He said he wouldn’t want to be a pet and be fussed all the time. Who is he trying to kid? As far as I am concerned that is one of the perks of the job.


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